Monday, May 28, 2012

Quick Look at Formless (US)

Formless is a Technical Death Metal band from the USA (Connecticut), that formed in 2009. They released a demo in 2010, a digital single in 2011 and featured in a split. (I'll be looking at their 2010 demo and single only don't have the tracks on the split)

One of the best new Tech death bands. It has all anyone could want and more.
Their 2010 demo has three well made tracks. for the most part the songs are what is expected with well made tech death (The fast parts). What sets this apart is that they added a nice does of black and doom metal to their songs, and have a good female vocalist. It makes "Horrid Obsession" such a great track.
Their 2011 single "To Vindicate False Witness" Feels a lot more polished and added more influences from Doom and black metal.

Just an amazing band  got get they music now on their bandcamp page

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Insanity Alert - First Diagnosis


Back in the late 80s a bunch of bands bridged the gap between thrash metal and Hardcore. You got a fast-paced mix of thrash riffs and hardcore vocals (called Thrashcore). Insanity Alert fits the bill of a typical 80s thrashcore band doing nothing new just playing classic thrashcore. the songs are fast, short, and repetitive. (The 6 tracks total less then 15 mins.) The lyrics are ether about Thrashing around or about some form of stupid death. After the 5 short in your face songs you get to a parody of Iron Maiden's Run to the Hill. I changes it from a song with a point to another song about mindlessly thrashing. It shows the creativity of the band but it really could of used more "intelligent" Lyrics.

All in all this is a great slab of classic style thrashcore. It is great for quick listen of thrash and any fan of thrash metal will enjoy it. I just wish it was a bit longer.

Good songs: Crucified By Zombies, Run To The Pit, Glorious Thrash
Bad song(s): Braincell Massacre (Skip this song)

8/10 Because of how boring Braincell Massacre is. otherwise it is great.