Thursday, April 26, 2012

Quick Look: Carnivorous Forest - The Red Demo


Taking some death, Thrash, and folk metal and slamming it into one package. Leads to this album (or close to it). There is a good mix of song tempos and vocal styles. But all in all the way this was recorded kills it.
I really hope at some point this gets a proper recording. For now this will have to do.

Check it out on Bandcamp

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Formicide - Demos 1-3

Formicide was a thrash band from Massachusetts. They formed in 1987. During the 3 years they were active they released 2 demos and recorded a third but never released it. In 2006 a Compilation featuring all their songs was released.

Their first demo was released in 1987. Features 4 songs
A killer thrash demo. Every thing is great. The vocals are different then typical mid eighties thrash. The Musicians are great and allow for the great arrangements of the songs. The production is great and brings together one of the best demos of 1987.

Their second demo was released in 1988. Features 4 songs.
Building on what made their first demo great, They pump out an even better slab of thrash. The songs are crisper, faster, and heavier and combined with near Perfect production makes it one of the best Thrash demos ever.

Their third demo was made in 1989. again it features 4 tracks.
It is another great piece of thrash. The song are just as good as their other two demos. It just needs a little bit more production and its right up their was their second demo.

By far one of the most underrated thrash band of all time. Do yourself a favor and get the 2006 Compilation or at very least listen to them on youtube.

Monday, April 23, 2012



Thrash Metal / Hardcore band from Brazil formed in 2008.

One of the best up and coming Thrashcore bands. Their sound takes the best parts about thrash and hardcore and slams them together. The first two song are really great simple thrash song. The third song is an above average metal edged punk song. 
Overall it is a nice thrashcore EP that would fit well in any playlist of older bands. The only thing that brings it down is the third song.
It is available for free on their bandcamp page

Friday, April 20, 2012

Perversist - Necrophilharmony

PigeonShit Agency
Perversist is a Grindcore Band form Czech Republic. They formed in 1995 and released 2 Full-Length albums and a split

Grindcore for the most part is my most hated genre of music. When I pick up this CD at a local thrift store I expected it to be horrible. to my surprise I found one of the very few grindcore bands I can listen to.

It features your standard grindcore elements Mindless Blastbeats, Pig vocals, high pitch screams. But the base of their sound is Old-school Death Metal. This is really noticable in the drumming. It goes from extreme blastbeats to very skilled fast-paced beats. the drumming is at no lose playing both style. This time the production of the drums don't try to kill your brain cells. The vocals go along great with the drumming and add most of the grindcore feel. The guitarist are average for the most part just playing standard fast-paced riffs.

The two bonus tracks (9,10) are from their split with Prophecy and have weaker production, but are still great.

Overall this is a fantastic Grindcore/death metal album. It features great musicianship and good production (. Mixed with good Grindcore vocals. This is a must have for any Fan of brutal death metal and grindcore.

Favorite Tracks: Consequence Of Malformation, Body Devourer, Bells Of Insanity, Waiting For Judgement Day

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Demona - Nightmare

Israhellbanger Records
Demona is Tanza's (Constanza Godoy Díaz) Solo Project and was formed in 2007.

When a heavy metal musician has a daughter and that daughter is exposed to a life of metal (And enjoys it). It will lead up to a band that plays "classic metal" in this case Speed metal. The only thing that sets this band apart from the 100s of other revival bands is that Tanza plays all the Instruments. (Except her father plays lead guitar on The Apocalypse) For a solo project the songs are really well crafted making it a real joy to listen to. 
This demo could of easily been made 20 to 25 years ago. Making it a must have/hear for any fan of 80s metal. 

Friday, April 13, 2012

Verbal Razors - Settling Of Scores


Here we got a 2 song EP by French Thrashers Verbal Razors. Formed in 2008. 

Burden is an average thrash song. It is just to generic and kinda boring
Cannibal Vegan is really nice. It is a lot more punk sounding and in general a lot more fun to listen to.
This is a band to keep your eye on if you like fun punky thrash metal. Get these tracks free at their bandcamp page

Malebolgia - Requiem for the Inexorable

To start off this blog with have Some Brutal Death Metal.
Comatose Music
Malebolgia is from North Carolina and released an EP in 2003 and their first Full-Length in 2009.

Malebolgia wastes no time in showing off their speed and heaviness. Which makes for a good opening track. But after 5 tracks that follow the same pattern it get dull (long Blasting part with few breaks to change the song up). Requiem is a welcome break from all the blasting going on before it and still to come. Its quickly back to more blastingfor the next 5 tracks. The last track is a horrible generic rock song (Might as well be a Buckcherry song) that is just a big fucking let down. 

For the most part it is an above average Play when your pissed off brutal death metal album. If the production done how Pissing Pus (track 11) was it would of been a really nice album (that didn't give me head pains).
Not worth buying unless you are a fan of brutal death metal or you find it cheap.