Saturday, May 12, 2012

Insanity Alert - First Diagnosis


Back in the late 80s a bunch of bands bridged the gap between thrash metal and Hardcore. You got a fast-paced mix of thrash riffs and hardcore vocals (called Thrashcore). Insanity Alert fits the bill of a typical 80s thrashcore band doing nothing new just playing classic thrashcore. the songs are fast, short, and repetitive. (The 6 tracks total less then 15 mins.) The lyrics are ether about Thrashing around or about some form of stupid death. After the 5 short in your face songs you get to a parody of Iron Maiden's Run to the Hill. I changes it from a song with a point to another song about mindlessly thrashing. It shows the creativity of the band but it really could of used more "intelligent" Lyrics.

All in all this is a great slab of classic style thrashcore. It is great for quick listen of thrash and any fan of thrash metal will enjoy it. I just wish it was a bit longer.

Good songs: Crucified By Zombies, Run To The Pit, Glorious Thrash
Bad song(s): Braincell Massacre (Skip this song)

8/10 Because of how boring Braincell Massacre is. otherwise it is great.

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