Monday, April 15, 2013

Best Free Albums 4/7 - 4/13

10+ great release with week.

1. Mistress - Heavy Mental
Some great Female fronted Heavy Metal. Highly Recommend

2. Sedulity - The Valley of Dying Stars
Very nice Death / Thrash Metal. Too bad they used a drum machine.

3. Black Tower - Demo
Great Raw Heavy Metal. Highly Recommend any fan of Heavy Metal

4. Wieczny Powrót - Demo/EP
Great Polish Doom Metal.

5. Demon Eye - E.P.
Amazing Doom / Heavy Metal. Highly Recommend to just about every metalhead

6. Elven Blood - Demo
Great Low-fi Doom Metal

7. Sincaldu - DEMONstration
Good Raw Black Metal

8. Voragine of Autumn - Voragine of Autumn (Demo)
Great Black Metal

9. Relentless - Marked For Death
Great Crossover Thrash

10. Tallene - Apologia à Ostentação do Nada
Great Southern Metal (Groove?) / Hardcore

Bonus #1. Imprisoned - Demo 2013
Black / Death and Hardcore make for 4 quick heavy songs

Bonus #2. All The Empires Of The World - CVRSVS
Heavy Hitting Post-Metal. With both blasting in your face heaviness and slow calming parts.

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