Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Best Free Albums 8/18 - 8/24

Finally back doing this weekly feature

1. Moonknight - Senmorta
My personal favorite from this past week.
Black Metal done in Classic US fashion. Punky, Chaotic and raw.
Highly recommended.

2. Klaymore - New Breed
Most of this album feels like a mix of AX7 and classic heavy metal. Which in itself is nice but the songs lack a similar feeling. Which make this release feel just thrown together just to get another release out there. Even though the song in themself are good.
A band to watch for in the future.

3. Assembly At Dusk - Summer Demo 2013
Another band to add to the growing number of great new heavy metal bands.
One of the best Heavy Metal demos of the year (so far).
Highly recommended.

4. Frown - Songs Of Praise
Got time to sit through 11 to 22 minute crushing doom songs. If not this is not the release for you. But if you do you are in for a treat.
Highly Recommended

5. Havenlost - Haven, Lost
One of the best Symphonic (Folk) Metal albums to come out this year. The vocals and production are amazing. Nothing else really needs to be said just listen/download to the album.
Highly Recommend

6. Officer Down - Exterminio
It might just be plain old hardcore but is is amazing.

7. Fate Breaks Down - S/T EP
More Heavy Metal. This time with some added weight to the music. Making it just another nice Modern Heavy Metal EP. 

8. Vortexture - Black Hole Society
Now for something "Unique". impromptu black metal with vocals.
It is just a black metal band doing a jam session but you hardly ever get those featuring vocals.

9. Black Sleep of Kali - Judecca / Morbus
Two tracks of good Doom/sludge.

10. Vivid Illusion - The Cyclical Nature
More great Doom/Sludge

Bonus #1. Eternal Rot - Promo 2013
The closest It will get to having a zombie do vocals for a band. It can only be Death/Doom.

Bonus #2. Tare - Ritual Degradation
Good Raw Black Metal nothing more Nothing less.

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