Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Fortapt - Fortapt and mudwitch - MUDWITCH

What do you know. Something so bad came along and drove me out of my hole in the ground. Right to the nearest posting center.

First up we have a small three track demo.

It starts out with a horribly recorded Black Metal song. It is not a good idea to use boxes as drums or have it so quite. Really not that bad feel like black metal and has ok vocals.
your hit with 3 mins of horrible drumming with a few faint noises here and there.
With a big finish of some random jazzy guitar playing.

Really not much to get worked up about. except for the horrible recording.


Again another 3 track Demo.

Now we go to the other side of bad recording, LOUDNESS!
After the dumb intro sound clip the pain starts. The vocals come in way too loud. Just completely ruining what chance it had to be anything more then sloppy noise. But that is not all when the vocals are not there it is replaced by horrible drumming.

We have to wonder if these two got listened to before being sent to the internet for everyone.
At least these two can be used as examples of what never to do when recording/Mixing.

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