Sunday, January 20, 2013

Best free albums of the past week

I'm starting a new feature where I list 5-10 of the best free albums releases the past week. I'll be posting this ether on Saturday or Sunday every week.

1. Naga - Naga
Naga is a Doom metal band from Italy. Their first release under this name is a two track demo (They were formally known as Kter). The demo features a little over 22 and a half minutes of crushing sludge like doom.
Recommended for any doom fan.

2. Infant Death - Demo
Infant Death is a Thrash / Death band from Norway. Their sound comes straight from the early 90s. It is raw, gritty and fast. It was also released on tape by prostata records.
Recommended  for any fans of old school Death/Thrash Metal

3. Hangvart - Absences Nocturnes
DSBM / Doom Band from France. The combination of Doom and DSBM is great it really enhances the overall fell of the music. It is a great listen all the way through even with the long songs.

4. Diabolicus - Fields of Existence
Diabolicus is a death metal band from New York. Fields of Existence is their first release. It is nothing groundbreaking but it is a good start. Keep an eye on this band.

5. Against Humanity - Lost Feelings
Against Humanity is a Atmospheric Black Metal band from Brazil. Their albums is a great Black metal album. The only thing it needed is a bit less treble.
Highly recommended.

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