Sunday, January 27, 2013

Best Free Albums 1/19-1/26

Here are the best free releases on bandcamp this week.

Great Stoner Metal with a southern kick. might be why they are called southern soil.

Great Modern Heavy Metal. It feels like a mix of modern Hard Rock and European Power Metal.

Combining Death, Black, and Post-Metal is not uncommon. But how Eschatos does it on this album is the best way to do it. So far the best album I've heard from 2013.

A good Shred Album. Nothing more, nothing less.

First demo from this Death/Thrash band. It is by no means perfect but it is a great start. Keep an eye out for this band down the road.

Really nice 5 song progressive metal EP. It has very good production.

Kinda sloppy but very catchy Thrash metal. Another band to keep an eye on down the road.

Great doom band. Nothing needs to be said, just check it out.

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