Sunday, February 10, 2013

Best Free Albums 2/3 - 2/9

Here are the "best" free releases on bandcamp this week.

Light Bearer - Silver Tongue
This album takes the best qualities of Doom Metal and Post-Metal and slams them together to create some amazing music. highly recommended album.

Great Heavy Black / Doom Metal

Njiqahdda - Initiation
Good Black Metal / Ambient album. It is one of the rare black metal albums that makes good use of clean vocals

Carrier Flux - Objection
The music on this album is something between 90s Voivod, Death, and black metal. Some how combining these sounds make for a very good album.

Southern Hard Rock mixed with enough sludge to set it apart from the standard modern rock album.

Black Pestilence - In Defiance
Great Punk influenced Black Metal. 

Nostrum - Demo MMXIII
Killer Blackened Death / Doom. Highly recommended

Acidic Assault - S/T EP
Two great thrash Songs. Not too much more to be said.

Black Century - The Beginning
Great Classic sounded Heavy Metal. Just needs a little time to clean up their sound it is kinda sloppy on this ep.

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