Saturday, February 2, 2013

Best Free Albums 1/24 - 2/2

Here are the "best" free releases on bandcamp this week. 
A good week for Black Metal it seems.

1. Outre - Tranquility
Great Black Metal. Highly Recommended.
The core of the band; Damian Igielski (Serpentia) and Andrzej Nowak (Fleshworld) had created 4 compositions in the style of modern black metal with elements of thrash, death and even prog and post metal

2. Strange facts in the scalpel case - 'Monolith' (single)
Great promo single. It features two tracks that feature a very nice mix of Black, Death and Doom metal.

Good Progressive Black Metal. Highly Recommended is you can stand the odd Shrieky vocals.

Great Raw Black Metal. Highly Recommended.

one of the few new melodic death metal release I can stand. It must be black metal influence. anyways it is a nice album.

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