Friday, April 13, 2012

Malebolgia - Requiem for the Inexorable

To start off this blog with have Some Brutal Death Metal.
Comatose Music
Malebolgia is from North Carolina and released an EP in 2003 and their first Full-Length in 2009.

Malebolgia wastes no time in showing off their speed and heaviness. Which makes for a good opening track. But after 5 tracks that follow the same pattern it get dull (long Blasting part with few breaks to change the song up). Requiem is a welcome break from all the blasting going on before it and still to come. Its quickly back to more blastingfor the next 5 tracks. The last track is a horrible generic rock song (Might as well be a Buckcherry song) that is just a big fucking let down. 

For the most part it is an above average Play when your pissed off brutal death metal album. If the production done how Pissing Pus (track 11) was it would of been a really nice album (that didn't give me head pains).
Not worth buying unless you are a fan of brutal death metal or you find it cheap.

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