Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Formicide - Demos 1-3

Formicide was a thrash band from Massachusetts. They formed in 1987. During the 3 years they were active they released 2 demos and recorded a third but never released it. In 2006 a Compilation featuring all their songs was released.

Their first demo was released in 1987. Features 4 songs
A killer thrash demo. Every thing is great. The vocals are different then typical mid eighties thrash. The Musicians are great and allow for the great arrangements of the songs. The production is great and brings together one of the best demos of 1987.

Their second demo was released in 1988. Features 4 songs.
Building on what made their first demo great, They pump out an even better slab of thrash. The songs are crisper, faster, and heavier and combined with near Perfect production makes it one of the best Thrash demos ever.

Their third demo was made in 1989. again it features 4 tracks.
It is another great piece of thrash. The song are just as good as their other two demos. It just needs a little bit more production and its right up their was their second demo.

By far one of the most underrated thrash band of all time. Do yourself a favor and get the 2006 Compilation or at very least listen to them on youtube.

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