Friday, April 20, 2012

Perversist - Necrophilharmony

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Perversist is a Grindcore Band form Czech Republic. They formed in 1995 and released 2 Full-Length albums and a split

Grindcore for the most part is my most hated genre of music. When I pick up this CD at a local thrift store I expected it to be horrible. to my surprise I found one of the very few grindcore bands I can listen to.

It features your standard grindcore elements Mindless Blastbeats, Pig vocals, high pitch screams. But the base of their sound is Old-school Death Metal. This is really noticable in the drumming. It goes from extreme blastbeats to very skilled fast-paced beats. the drumming is at no lose playing both style. This time the production of the drums don't try to kill your brain cells. The vocals go along great with the drumming and add most of the grindcore feel. The guitarist are average for the most part just playing standard fast-paced riffs.

The two bonus tracks (9,10) are from their split with Prophecy and have weaker production, but are still great.

Overall this is a fantastic Grindcore/death metal album. It features great musicianship and good production (. Mixed with good Grindcore vocals. This is a must have for any Fan of brutal death metal and grindcore.

Favorite Tracks: Consequence Of Malformation, Body Devourer, Bells Of Insanity, Waiting For Judgement Day

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